about me

image of ken during an IMSA event in 2018 at Virginia International RacewayHello and thank you for stopping by. My name is Ken. During the week, I am a graphic designer. On the weekends, I am traveling up and down the east coast doing motorsports photography.

Over the course of almost 30 years, I have evolved through a wide range of design disciplines. From traditional art and design, to dabbling in interior design and décor, through the digital revolution with web, multimedia, 3d and print design. I have a need to constantly evolve, keeping the creativity moving along. My latest evolutionary endeavor is that of motorsports photography.

Seventh-Gear Studios was originally designed as a portfolio to showcase my 3D designs, which happened to be cars. “Seventh Gear”, as a metaphor, was derived from the top gear of a Formula 1 car (at the turn of the century) which at that point in time, was the pinnacle of motorsport performance. I have adopted and adapted it as my metaphor for how I work, and for the level of what I look to achieve in all that I do.

my vision

car design to me is simply the ultimate blend of mechanical and organic design; eye-candy that is simply enticing to look at in a state of motion, or in stasis.

The way light dances over the car body as they roar by; pitching and rolling through a turn, accentuating each manufacturers’ shape and design. The sounds and notes that each car emits as it hits its peak RPM right before shifting. The intoxicating smells of race fuel and scrubbed rubber on hot asphalt… it is simply an overloading stimulation of the senses.

My vision is not that of a “car guy” nor is my vision that of a photographer but rather that of a designer, with a passion to capture the beauty that I see within; to capture that essence in the blink of an eye as it will never be seen in that exact way twice. Something I like to refer to as motorsportography or motorsportraiture.

my philosophy

Through my lifetime, I have learned long ago that once I entered into the field of any creative discipline, the learning never ends. My approach towards motorsport photography shares the same passion, enthusiasm and total commitment that I put towards anything that I do in design. I consider myself very fortunate to spend my life doing the two creative disciplines I love doing most.

manufacturer showcase

Below are some manufacturer-specific galleries of cars I’ve captured at races. Galleries are hosted through my Flickr account. You can view my full photostream here where you can see more racing images and some non-racing, family friendly, imagery too.

Select a manufacturer to view specific galleries.

racing circuits

One of the things I have been working on doing is going to as many race circuits as I possibly can. It really does not matter to me if it is a top-tier series event like IMSA or a locally hosted event like the SCCA. I enoy the adventures and challenges for each event.

It's race cars and motorcycles, racing around the track and that is all that matters to me. There is a lot of diversity in the characteristics of each track that go beyond the layout. It's all about the environment, lighting, and weather conditions. Trying to find that perfect shot against an awesome looking background. Sorry… cars driving in circles do less-than-nothing for me. Natural terrain road courses are where it is at in my opinion.

I make the effort and walk every available area that is open to spectators. Hunting and seeking for that one esquisite shot that sets the car into the environment to convey what I see and find exhilarating about motorsports. Each time I find one, it challenges me to look for another one.

contact me

If you are interested in prints or are a racer and would like for me to provide a customized photoshoot of you on track, in the pits and paddock, please feel free to send me an email at ken@seventhgearstudios.com